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Pest Control Sans-Souci -This unusual name is a French term meaning 'without care', so, in Australian lingo, this equates to 'no worries'.

Sans-Souci is a quaint suburb consisting mainly of residential properties. There are a couple of small shopping centres and some handy food outlets. Located just 17 km south of the Sydney CBD this delightful area is situated on the western shore of Botany Bay.

However, along with the wonders of this admired area, comes in tow an assortment of annoying domestic pests! Unfortunately, it's part of what Mother Nature has in store for us all at various times!

The team at BugWise are proud to have eradicated over the years many of the pests listed below.

Please note:

Residential - We recommend a pest treatment every 12 months as a preventative measure.

Commercial - We recommend treating every 3 - 6 months


Pest Control Sans-Souci - Where We Treat


  • We treat the skirting boards and storage areas.
  • Your family (including young children and pets) can remain inside the home during the treatment
  • Our trusted products will not smell or stain


  • We usually like to check the roof first
  • Then we use powder to treat silverfish, spiders and crickets, etc.
  • If necessary, we'll bait the roof for any rats


We treat the following:

  • External boundary paths
  • Fence lines and fence-capping
  • Pergolas
  • Driveways
  • Eaves
  • Sheds
  • Garages


  • We usually like to check the subfloor first
  • We then use powder to treat silverfish, crickets and spiders, etc.
  • If necessary, we will bait the subfloor for rodents
  • Treating weep holes is vital if your house is on a concrete slab.
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American cockroach feeding on rice on a kitchen bench

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      Family Owned and Operated - We provide a fast and professional service at all times

      Master Technicians - Our technicians are highly trained and hold all the necessary licences required for pest control and eradication

      Safe and Effective Pest Control - We use safe, low-risk products because we care for your family and pets and also the environment

      Quick Response Time - We respond promptly, it's imperative to deal with the problem immediately and effectively 

      Highest Quality Work - Upper management oversees all work

      Money Back Guarantee - Not including bed bugs

      Weekend Work - No extra charge

      Fully insured with current Public Liability and Workers Compensation Certificates in place.



      "Great pest treatment, professional and detailed, thank you"

      Peter - Oatley

      "Really effective treatment, prompt service and good price, see you in 12 months"

      Lorna - Brighton-Le-Sands

      "Thanks for doing a top job at my showroom, no more rats, can't believe you actually got rid of them!"

      Gerald - Pimpama


      "Thanks for a friendly and professional service, from start to finish"

      Meli - Brisbane

      ''We needed someone reliable and quick as the factory unit we'd moved into had pigeons in the roof. Exceptional work you guys, thanks"

      Jane - Gold Coast

      "We had heaps of spiders everywhere, I hate them! Thanks to BugWise, they've all gone"

      Rosa -  Logan