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Termite Pest Control - The cost of treatment can vary depending on the type of method that we use. Most folks are aware that Termites can become a very costly activity if not dealt with promptly. So, it's crucial to have your home or business adequately treated to prevent termites from wreaking havoc!

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1st Option - Baiting/Dusting

We manage termite baiting by leaving bait stations in determined zones around your home or business. The stations contain a non-chemical bait that has an active ingredient which is palatable to the termites, and they carry this back to the colony where others then share the product.

Dusting is conducted by firstly drilling small holes into the termite infested zones or termite mudding. The next step is to use Termidor Dust which is a non-repellent and very similar to the bait matter, we then puff this straight into the holes. The holes are then covered to re-seal the workings, preventing the dust from escaping, and also allowing for minimum disturbance to the termites.

Please Note: Termite baiting and dusting does not protect the building from future termite infestations.

2nd Option For Termite Protection - Chemical

Termite soil treatment is usually the preferred option recommended by most pest control companies. The use of this option will, of course, depend on the type of property construction. We tend to apply the termite treatment to areas of soil where the building is in contact with the following:


  • External walls around the property
  • Concrete slabs around the property
  • Subfloors

If there is a distance greater than 400mm between the soil and the timbers on the floor, the subfloor would need to be trenched and treated as well.

However, it is preferred to treat the complete subfloor to increase the coverage area; this will, in turn, increase the chance of termites coming into contact with the chemical.

Our drilling and injection of an approved chemical to concrete perimeters usually happens 20-30cm apart. We then concrete over the holes upon completion.

The zones that may require drilling and injection treatment include the following:

  • Paths
  • Patios
  • External property walls
  • Garages
  • Fireplaces
  • Laundries
  • Bathrooms

Soil Termite Treatment

The repellent and the non-repellent are the two main types available.

Repellent:  This type of termiticide is known to work by creating an effective barrier around the property which creates a no-go area for termites. We find that for this treatment to work, we apply it entirely around the footings. This practice can sometimes be a little difficult to achieve because of the design of the property. Or if there is concrete against the house.

Non-repellent: This type of termiticide is known to work too as termites cannot detect the treated zone and so will NOT avoid the treated area. Therefore, when the termites pass through the chemical in the treated zone, they touch it, and then return to the nest and pass it amongst the other termites in the colony.

Termite Pest Control

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Please, never disturb termites!

To achieve an accurate costing for the right termite barrier option to suit your property, you need to have an inspection by a qualified and trusted pest control company.

BugWise will provide you with an in-depth and accurate quote for the correct method to be installed.

Termite Pest Control

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