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Know The Spider

Spider Pest Control -  The most common spiders found are:

  • Red Back
  • White-Tailed
  • Black House Spider
  • Daddy Long Legs
  • Garden Orb-Weaving
  • Huntsman
  • Funnel Web

The Red Back and Funnel Web often cause concern as their venom can be harmful; the White Tail is the least dangerous. However, the bite may cause local pain and redness. The Huntsman may look quite menacing, but the bite is usually low risk (non-toxic) to humans, as is the House Spider.

SPIDERS can sometimes trigger fear in people and may even cause phobias for some. Visitors from overseas tend to worry about our many venomous arachnid friends. However, it's good to be aware and careful as we have some of the most poisonous spiders in the world, but their reputation is far bigger than their bite!



funnel web spider on a tree caught by Bugwise pest control Gold coast
Gold Coast Pest Control find a female redback spider showing the distinctive red strip down the back in a web waiting for prey

Spider Pest Control Gold Coast

When To Treat

We like to treat crawling and webbing spiders at your home or office by breaking the breeding cycle; this will keep your property free of nasty webs. Also, we can advise on how to prevent them from returning time after time.

A spider treatment, in general, these days will only affect web-spinning spiders since we can see the webbing and apply a pesticide directly to their harbourage and webs.

Quite often, the webs that collect around the home, inside and out, seem to bother most folk more than the actual spider itself!

Spraying For Spiders

The spider pest control we use is a specially formulated residual spray to eradicate the problem. We focus on walls, floors, skirting boards, paths, balconies and any overhanging eaves.

Also, we only use trusted and approved products, which means our treatments are safe for all the family, including your pets and the environment.

Spider Control Made Easy

Spider Pest Control Gold Coast


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