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Rodent Pest Control - Stop a rodent invasion and protect your home and family.

The three most common are:

  • Brown Rat
  • Black Rat,
  • House Mouse

Rodents can pose a serious health and safety risk due to food contamination, the spreading of disease, and damage caused by searching for food around homes and businesses. Treating an infestation of rats or mice is never a simple task, but the team at BugWise have successfully removed these pests from homes and businesses for many years. Effective rodent control in and around the Gold Coast & Brisbane area is what we do!

Rats and mice are pretty intelligent and can be challenging to catch by hand. They leave signs of their presence, from scratching sounds in the walls to empty and chewed food packages. Rodents can cause damage to other materials, too, like plastic, wood, electrical wires, and paper.

It's not only the damage to property that is of concern but also the nasty diseases like Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis and even typhoid they carry; this poses a considerable worry for folk across Australia and beyond.

rodent pest damage to an electrical cable

The Trouble With Rodents

No matter the season, rats and mice can constantly be pests in homes and businesses.

Their numbers can increase after floods or heavy rains; even the weather change from warm to cold can bring them scurrying in for warmth and available food. If you find evidence of an infestation through droppings or noises, please don't waste time; call us immediately.

Professional rodent removal is the quickest and most effective way to rid your home or business of rats & mice. We provide reliable rodent control and a long-term solution to an infestation.

Finding these pesky critters in your home or business or hearing suspicious noises from your roof or behind your walls can be alarming. They can also pose a real threat to stored products and may damage property if left untreated.

Rats and mice breed profusely - call today for more info and to book a treatment.


Rodent Pest Control - Our Method

We thoroughly inspect the area to determine the extent of the infestation and the type of rodent.

Roof - we place rat and mouse blocks in the roof space or cavity, usually accessed through a utility hole cover within your home. Occasionally there may not be an easy utility hole available, so if this applies to your property, please advise us so we can establish another alternative to gain access.

Internal - we place bait boxes inside your premises in areas we believe are necessary. Areas of great concern are usually the stove, fridge, cupboards, washing machine and behind furniture. BugWise supplies lockable boxes for safety if required.

Sub Floor -  we also place bait blocks in subfloor areas under the house. If children or pets can access these areas, we will set the baits inside lockable boxes. Keeping your family, pets, and other wildlife safe is vital.

Externally  - as rats and mice come in from outside, you must treat the outdoor area first before they enter your house. The colder months are when rats and mice can become a more significant problem; your home or business is warm & comfy on a chilly day or night!

For all external baiting, we advise using lockable rodent boxes to protect children, pets, and wildlife; this also protects the bait from rain and gives you longer protection.

Please Note: If your dog or cat happens to eat a rodent AFTER the rodent has ingested the bait, there is NO secondary poisoning.

Prevent rat and mouse infestations by maintaining a clean environment.

Remove food, rubbish, and clutter, don't make it comfy for these nasty vermin!

Rodent Pest Control Gold Coast


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