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Our Flea Fumigation will protect your home or office from these nasty parasitic insects by using safe and effective products.

The adult flea is tiny, only 2.5 mm long, wingless, and relies on the blood meal from a host. They are a reddish-brown colour and covered with tiny hair strands. Having a flattened body allows for smooth movement through animal fur, and even though they are wingless, they are still capable of jumping from host to host. Their six long legs make them high and long jump champions of the insect world!

Individual insects are difficult to kill by hand and usually require chemical treatment.

Flea Pest Control - Bites

Once a flea has bitten its host, the area can appear slightly elevated and contain an itchy red spot which may bleed. You may also experience hives or develop a rash near the bite site.

Sometimes excessive scratching can cause damage to the skin, be careful so as not to allow for a secondary bacterial infection to develop.

Life Cycle Of A Dog Flea

Life cycle of a dog flea from egg to adult flea including flea larva and flea pupa

Flea treatment Gold Coast - safe for your family and pets!

Fleas are almost impossible to remove without using a pesticide treatment. Where you see one, you can rest assured; hundreds always follow!

Usually, professional flea control is required if there is a large infestation. As a prevention, try to regularly dust, sweep, mop, and vacuum all surfaces where your pets spend most of their time. Eggs are often laid on pets and then drop off as they move. Also, all pets should be treated and removed from the house for about 3 to 6 hours. Treatment in the correct way is vital here, and if not appropriately managed, then the breeding cycle will continue. STOP THE HAVOC THESE CRITTERS CAUSE NOW!

If possible, try to vacuum often after treatment; the agitation of the vacuum encourages the eggs to hatch. Seal and throw the vacuum bag away each time. If bagless, empty contents into a sealed vessel and spray Mortein; also, spray a little Mortein into the vacuum.

Don't mop for 7 days after our treatment.

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A close up of a flea feeding on skin of a human

Flea Fumigation Gold Coast

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