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Bed Bug Pest Control - These bothersome critters are becoming an ever-increasing problem around the world as we all tend to travel more than we did years ago. About 50 years ago, bed bugs were almost eliminated in many countries, including Australia, the UK and the USA.

Bed bugs were once only associated with third world countries or in areas with poor hygiene standards, but not anymore!

Many travellers encounter bed bugs in hotels on their holidays or business trips, and this can cause much distress, not to mention the bites and itchy skin.

Businesses suffer too, an infestation of bed bugs can damage an establishment's glowing reputation, and result in a downturn in income.

These bugs can also pose a problem in student accommodation, care homes, apartments and share homes.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny parasitic insects that feed on human blood by piercing the skin. They usually seek out blood food at night. However, they do not live on humans and do not burrow into the skin. Bed bugs are highly mobile, but only move small distances to feed, so are commonly found near a food source (blood) and the human skin. Their appearance is short with a dark, rusty red-brown colour.


  • Bed bugs are usually 5 to 6mm long before a blood meal; this can then extend to about 7mm when fully engorged.
  • Oval and flat from back to the underside with thick, well-developed legs. Bed bugs do not have wings.
  • They have pointed mouths for piercing and sucking.
  • Adult bed bugs are rusty red-brown.
  • Eggs are whitish cream and become darker as they start to hatch into larvae.
  • The shed skins are lighter brown and look like flaky exoskeletons.

The Signs To Look Out For Include The Following:

  • Translucent eggs and eggshells approximately 1mm in length
  • Blood spots on your sheets and mattress
  • Small dark spots, which indicate excrement
close up of a bed bug

Bed Bug Pest Control

Our Treatment

Our Bed bug service consists of inspection to areas available to help establish the extent of the infestation and to locate and identify all areas requiring treatment.

We use a residual spray application of a registered product which can kill bed bugs on contact. The product will remain on surfaces it is applied to and infect any live bed bugs that may later come into contact with these areas.

The areas we usually treat include bed/frames, flooring, furniture items, cracks, crevices, and skirting boards. If these areas are severe, we may need to use additional methods of pest management; these may be in the form of a powder or an aerosol pesticide.

Occupants are required to prepare all areas to be treated for Bed Bugs before our arrival.

  • Please remove all clothing, linen, curtains, and any other washable material from the areas to be treated.
  • We recommend washing these on the hot cycle, and then if you can, place in a hot tumble dryer.
  • Furniture, if possible, should be moved away from all of the walls in rooms to make all skirting areas available for treatment.
  • All beds to be treated must be left bare, with the mattress's available for inspection and treatment by the technician and bed base's/frame's left bare for treatments.
  • Vacuum carpets and flooring before we arrive, then empty contents of vacuum into a rubbish bag and dispose of into an outdoor wheelie bin. If you use a vacuum with disposable bags, throw these out in the same way.

BugWise Bed Bug Pest Control

We will supply you with all the information required regarding the preparation, and it's recommended that occupants do not re-enter for a minimum of 4 hours after the treatment.

Further treatment should follow the initial treatment after approximately 2 weeks. This timeline is to gauge initial results before booking another visit; the occupants would also require the same preparation.

The following procedures can reduce the risk of needing additional treatments.

  • Regular vacuuming and mopping of all flooring
  • Practise good hygiene at all times; this will help to control the problem naturally.
  • Wash infested items at a high temperature to get rid of bed bugs naturally; this will help to control the problem but will not eradicate it.

Bed Bug Pest Control 

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