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BugWise Pest Control is experienced and thorough when dealing with all types of domestic and commercial pests.

We are dedicated to protecting our clients and the broader community from troublesome infestations.

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We provide a fast and effective service, you receive excellent results!

The professionals at BugWise know that your #1 priority is to rid your home or business of unwanted pests. We deliver the highest level of customer care at great prices!

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Each job, large or small, domestic or commercial, is equally important, that's why we respond promptly every time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Others Are Saying

"Thanks, you guys at BugWise did a terrific job, the cockroaches have now gone".

Carol - Cronulla

"Professional service, polite technician too! Very thorough pest treatment, I'll definitely use you next year!"

Harris Family - Brisbane

"Terrific job and the tech explained a few easy tips for on-going control until next treatment - Thanks"

Jackson - Parkwood - GC

"Great service from start to finish, no sighting of any more spiders or cockroaches"

Gerald - Sydney

Six Most Common Pests


The most common spiders found are:

Red Back, White-Tailed, Black House Spider, Daddy Long Legs, Garden Orb-Weaving & Huntsman.


Anyone who lives in a city or just a busy town, have most likely come across roaches. They are probably the most common and most unwanted pests in the world and are found on every continent, including Antarctica!


The three most common rodents are:

The Brown Rat, Black Rat, and The House Mouse.
We can treat and stop a rodent invasion before it gets out of control.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small blood-feeding parasitic insects. They prefer to bite humans but will also feed on other warm-blooded animals.

Usually, they seek out blood food at night.


Bees can be a worrying issue for many households and businesses. They are a beautiful and majestic insect with good intentions to make this world a better place, and they do. However, not in YOUR garden or YOUR place of work!


The adult flea is small, only 2.5 mm long, wingless, and relies on the blood meal from a host. They are a reddish-brown colour and covered with tiny hair strands.

Individual insects are quite difficult to kill by hand and usually require chemical treatment.

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